Cloudburst at Reboot Develop Blue 2022

Phobos attended this year's Reboot Develop Blue in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the largest game development event in the region. The team used this opportunity to introduce the global game development industry to Cloudburst.
October 1, 2022
Reboot Develop is a conference focused strictly on games industry professionals such as game developers, artists, audio artists (both seniors and indie), managers, PR, marketing experts, or sales, games industry lawyers, publisher representatives, investors and games industry focused fund representatives.

Phobos team visited Reboot Develop Blue conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and showcased the Cloudburst game at the Indie Expo. It was an amazing experience for the team as it had brought us valuable feedback from industry professionals. Ivan Koroknai and Andrea Aleksić, representatives of the team, spoke with publishers, investors, and gamers from all over the world, introducing them to the world we are creating.

The team's attendance at the Reboot Develop Blue conference allowed us to build up the hype around the game, as well as to fine-tune the development process with the received feedback. With the industry's best and brightest all under one roof, the conference provided a unique opportunity to engage with others who are passionate about gaming and game development.

The team's experience at the conference also demonstrated the importance of attending such industry events. As countries are continuing to lift restrictions enforced during the Covid19 pandemic, conferences and fairs are starting recover and come back from a two-year break and Phobos is intent on visiting as many of them as possible and keeping the industry up to date regarding the evergrowing world of Cloudburst.